Syndicai is a low-code MLOps platform that deploys, manages, and scales any trained AI model in minutes with no configuration & infrastructure setup.
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What is Syndicai?

Syndicai is a low-code MLOps platform for organizations to deploy, manage and scale enterprise-grade AI models without unnecessary complexity.

Why do I need Syndicai?

You don't.
You can always hire a great team of engineers and build the MLOps platform yourself. However, we know that not every company has the resources and capabilities for this. Very often, creating your own tool is associated with many challenges related to maintenance and additional work that does not bring any business value. That is why we decided to build a Syndicai that will help AI teams implement, manage and scale their models in line with MLOps best practices.

How it can drive the value?

Syndicai aims to be the first MLOps engineer in your company. It helps Data Scientists and increases the efficiency of DevOps teams.
  1. 1.
    Simple and fast AI model deployment
  2. 2.
    Model management, versioning, and monitoring at scale
  3. 3.
    Simple and secure model integration

How does it work?

In order to deploy a model via Syndicai, you just need to add two files to your repository and connect that repository to the Syndicai platform. Later, the platform will automatically wrap your model and deploy it in a serverless and scalable way.
Still curious how it looks like in practice?
Deploy a sample model yourself by pressing the LINK.
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