Deploy a model with Syndicai Platform.
Once the model is prepared you can deploy it on the Platform. Syndicai provides you with a couple of options.

via Button

Syndicai Deploy automatically redirects you to a Platform connecting the repository with your model. You can try it yourself by going to one of our sample models e.g. AlexNet Image Classifier.
Deploy a model with a click-of-a-button.

via Platform

If you want to deploy a model through the Syndicai Platform go to Later go to the Overview section and press New Model. You will be guided through the Git Repository connection and model deployment.
Syndicai Overview page with New Model button

via API

You can use our API Reference in order to deploy a model directly from the terminal or other integrated systems. More information and guidelines soon.
Swagger with API Reference
Deployed models are Active only 6 hours, so you need to Activate again via Platform in order to run for the next 24hours. If you want to change that so they can run longer, please drop us a line.
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